Twin Cities

Caldas de Reis


Vizela has formalised the gemination with Caldas de Reis on the 19th March 2013.
Caldas de Reis is a county from Spain, in Pontevedra province, autonomous community of Galiza. Just like Vizela, Caldas de Reis is thermal county, with 68.5 km² of area and a population of 10008 people.
Being Caldas de Reis a thermal county that shares the same growing objectives than Vizela, it made all the sense to create this affective bond between these two territories, in order for them to work together in evolving the tourism, taking advantage of the thermal resources, the natural, cultural and historic patrimony from both councils, and also the gastronomy, one of our biggest treasures.
The cultural and religious root is another important link between


Frontignan La Peyrade


Town twinning is a concept that aims to create relations and protocol mechanisms, essentially spatial, economic and cultural level under which cities in different
geographical or political areas establish cooperative ties.
In Europe, these parities are called twin or twin cities, while in Brazil and the United States normally calls “sister city”.
As many Portuguese cities, Vizela sought a municipality in his image and likeness, the municipality was Frontignan.
Frontignan is a French town of the District of Hérault, Languedoc-Roussillon region. Its population, estimated in 1999 was 22,410 inhabitants.
As part of the twinning between the towns of Vizela and Frontignan La Peyrade, there were several initiatives that have created links between the two populations.



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